Our guest Jacca


Pictures Jacca till 10 months old


1st day at our home 1st gundog training
On the campsite

Jacca joined us on our week holiday on the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog:

Eva was a great baby-sitter with Jacca What are all those Tollers doing? 
The puppy mobile was with us

Also on our campsite at Laag Soeren he is doing great, already his second home:

Running around Drinking from the birds waterplate

Playing together with Mayka

Still growing Taking a nap with his friend Kayo
1st time swimmingpool And now?
Together with Kayo Three on a row
Playing together with 3 balls This is playing also
Playing a lot! 4th gundog training: Stay
14 weeks old: high in the sky Cookie?
With help Time for the real water
Not to play with Just a kiss
Still a bit afraid for the big water What an adventure
I love swimming, more!!!
Am I dreaming or am I really swimming?


Yeah yeah I have the ball Gundog training: way to the dummy
Gundog training: yes the dummy Gundog training: My first duckie ever
Gundog training: 5th lesson Apport with the big Wubba
Wet!!! After swimming taking a nap with Kayo
Jacca the "Charmeur" The 2 boys sniffing around
Gundog training: a shot en then... Go!!!..to the dummy
Waiting for cookie from neighbours Playing together with the "girls"
Found this seat by myself Together
5 months old My orange ball
on the top of the hill in our doggy wood 7 months old
Autumn fun!
8 months old what do I smell here
Can I play with this? Together with Kayo
Mother and son together


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