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Latest Update 12-01-2008:

Pups their own pages:

wieghts, where do they live now with whom and their names

On 11 and 12 january 2008 the pups will go to their new homes

We hope to follow them in future on their own pages

Our wish for the pups is a warm loving and active life

In the morning on thursday 22 november 2007 the litter from Mayka and Star arrived.

5 boys and 2 girls. Mayka is very proud and a mother full of love for her puppies.

Mayka and her puppies are doing fine now with the loving care from Annemiek and her daughter Sisi.


We will try to put pictures from every week and from each puppy.

Male Black

Male Green

Male Beige

Male Orange

Male Blue

Bitch Lilac

Bitch Rose

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Week 2
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Week 4
Week 4 Extra
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Update 20-11-2007:
Mayka is doing fine as you can see
Update 11-11-2007:
With Mayka everything is ok as you can see she grows....
Update 19-10-2007:
This morning we went to the vet for an echo to see if Mayka expect a litter.

Yes she is expecting a litter and the vet told us 6 to 8 pups.

On this moment they are about 1,5 centimeter and on the screen we saw the little hearts going strong.


Update 22-09-2007:


The male:


Father Nitric Duck is my Drug
Mother Cayenne of Great Pleasure
ED Free
Optigen DNA-PRA B
Optigen CEA/CH Normal/Clear
Ooguitslag Free, till 31-07-2008
COI Inbreeding 2.63672%


Our nature will always follow his own way but if everything goes as planned Mayka will have a litter in the end

of 2007. Together with the breeder from Mayka, Annemiek Nuyten we decided that Mayka will become a mother.

We made the choice to leave this all in the very experienced and loving hands from her breeder Annemiek

Nuyten and her daughter Siriyalatha (Sisi) from Kennel Alliance de la Vie in Roosendaal.

Mayka will have her litter with Annemiek and from there the puppies will fly to their new warm homes.

Offcourse we will bring you all the updated news also on this website.

Together with Annemiek we found a male for Mayka.



Mayka is a Toller who looks forward every week to go with her owner to gundog training.

Her daily walks are not complete with her own colored ball to play and run with.

Are you interested to have a puppy from Mayka and you can give her a warm home?

Please contact Mrs Annemiek Nuyten.

Phonenumber 0031165568742 in The Netherlands.


Further information like show results and test results etc can you find on this website.



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