Introduce ourself




We are Yvonne and Dick living together since 1983. Oh and in 1996 married on the beautiful tropical island Barbados.

After we lost 2 dogs and all the sadness Yvonne decided she didn't want any dog in our house anymore. Didn't want to have this terrible sadness anymore.

In 2000 because of his health Dick only worked 50 %. Dick was missing his walks etc. with a dear friend. After searching a lot we came with this breed and in 2001 Kayo found a very warm welcome in our house.

After a while Dick stopped working completely because of his health and we talked about a second toller in our home.

Mayka came into our house in 2003. The friendship between Kayo and Mayka is so very close.  Sometimes we have another toller in our house staying as (holiday)guest for a while.

For the rest we are both licensed HAM radio operators. Dick his callsign is PD1ABY and Yvonne PD1AIY. This is a special hobby and full of things like DX-expeditions, contests, awards etc.

We do take a lot of pictures from our 2 dogs and with these pictures Yvonne is making creations in the program Paint Shop Pro.

There is also our little second home, completely fenched. Just a 5 minute walk from there we have a lot of fun in a completely fenched wood specal for dogs where they are aloud off leash.

Our dogs love to go on holiday and they aloud us to join them!

Pictures from most of their and our holidays you can find on this website.   

                                           Yvonne, Dick, Kayo and Mayka  



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